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Tanzania Travel Tours

Tanzania Explorer (3 Nights)
Best of Tanzania (7 Days)
Tanzania Highlights 6 nights
Nairobi - Ngorongoro - Serengeti (6 Days)
Best of the Bush (5 Days)
Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb

Zanzibar Island & Zanzibar Hotels

Zanzibar Tours - Stone Town Gateway (3 Days)
Zanzibar Travel - Josani Forest
Zanzibar Island - Prison Island (changuu)
Zanzibar Safari - Mangapwani Slave Caves
Zanzibar Vacation - Swim with Dolphins


DTS - 062 Jozani forest- Zanzibar Island, Spice Island, Beach Resorts & Swahili Culture

Zanzibar safaris, zanzibar island, africa holiday vacations, swahili culture

Enjoy a guided walk through the nature trails of a tropical forest. A highlight will be spotting the rare red Colobus monkey, endemic to the forest.

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