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Dallago Tour and Safaris stands out as one of the most experienced and reliable tour operator in Kenya. We offer Kenya tours and safaris, Kenya Camping and Lodge safaris, Kenya Road safaris with interest in Kenya Walking Safaris and Nairobi Tours and excursions, Kenya Short Safaris, Kenya Cultural Safaris, Mount Kenya Climbing,

:: Kenya Lodge Safaris


Kenya Lodge Safaris are designed for the luxurious traveller.  These are well set programmes staying in five-star hotels in the wild parks namely lodges. Lodge Safaris / Luxury safaris are for the yearning traveller who travels around the parks feeling very much in and out of Africa. Close to nature and yet civilization in reach.
Our preferred lodge hotel partners are Serena Hotels,. Sopa Lodges, Wilderness Lodges, Centrim Camps just to mention a few. In the lodge safari programmes, we well select lodges to fit your needs.

See Kenya Lodge Safaris in our Kenya Lodge Itineraries

:: Kenya Camping Safaris

Kenya Camping safaris are designed for the adventurous lot that want to get feel young and crazy but emerge from the same tents happy people. Food is prepared over wood fires, nights spent under the open skies and visitors lulled to sleep by the sounds of Africa.
We organise kenya camping tours and safaris in all the national parks and all the other adventurous areas which offer camping facilities..

See our KENYA CAMPING SAFARIS for camping adventures

:: Safari Accommodation, Kenya Hotel Reservation, Lodges and camps

We offer the best rates for lodge accommodation for your Kenya Lodge Safari travel. When you come to travel in Kenya, Dallago Tours and safaris will endeavour to get you affordable lodge accommodation in the Kenya Wildlife parks, Kenya Marine Parks for your Kenya safari or even the business traveller. We have special rates with the best Kenya lodges and tented camps which gives you the flexibility to spend on other thingds and make your african travel in Kenya memorable..
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